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This is where the team at Loyalty Bay write their thoughts on all things conversion optimisation, data and analytics, rewards and incentives, tech and startups/vc.

About Loyalty Bay

Loyalty Bay was born out of an itch we had to scratch when we were running our own wine ecommerce site. Our wine was often used as an incentive on very large price comparison websites, but it always amazed us how untargeted these incentives were. Believe it or not, not everyone likes wine.

We therefore set out to apply data and analytics to the serving of incentives and rewards in order to better drive online conversions for our customers and thus Loyalty Bay was born.

Loyalty Bay has three products which are all focused around using data, analytics and incentives or rewards in order to increase online conversions e.g. sales, signups, referrals, product upsell and cross sell or reducing churn.

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