Form Brain: Convert More Visitors With Intelligent Online Forms!

Q: What does nearly every website have?

A: Some kind of online form, whether its a registration form,  a sign up form, a lead gen form,  a sales form or an email capture form.

This is interesting because many websites also struggle with conversion i.e. how do you get more people to complete your form online.

We realised there was a huge opportunity here.


What if we could somehow make your online forms intelligent in order to get more people to complete them?  Could we use data to see where people drop off and then do something about it?

Enter in Form Brain:


With one simple Javascript tag you can:

  • Get analytics for any online form.
  • Layer on intelligence (e.g. social media profiles) about who your customers are, all from an email address.
  • Understand which form fields cause the most drop offs and react accordingly.
  • Intelligently understand which traffic sources help your forms convert best.
  • Automatically try to convert form drop offs with messaging, content, email and incentives.
  • Know when a user completes the form, so you can automatically get in touch on things like renewal dates.


67% People Don’t Complete Forms, We Make Sure They Do!

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Author: William Roberts

Founder of Loyalty Bay

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