Are You In: Travel, Price Comparison, Online Shopping? Google Is Coming To Get You!


In years gone by you may have started on the web with a portal, remember Yahoo anyone…?

Then came the search engine, which Google dominated and now depending on your mood and what you are looking for you may start your web journey with any one of the following:

Shopping = Amazon,

Social = Facebook,

News = Twitter,

Messaging = Whatsapp,

Millennials = Snapchat,

Photos = Instagram,

Window shopping for your next purchase = Pinterest,

Mobile Apps for anything ….

i.e. it is becoming fragmented and Google may no longer be the start of your web journey.

Google realise this and are fighting back…hard (Android, Chrome, Project Loon to name but a few)!

Remember when you wanted to book a flight for your next holiday you probably would have visited places like Expedia, Skyscanner, Cheap Flights, Holiday Extras and many others i.e the specific travel vertical websites. These businesses spend millions on Google getting you to their sites so that they can transact with you.

Imagine their surprise when the below happens directly in the natural search listings on Google:


You can now book flights directly on Google without having to go to a travel comparison site.

If you are in the business of travel or price comparison, one of your largest ad channels is directly eating your lunch! In theory and if you take this to its natural evolution, there is no need for a consumer to visit your website at all. Ouch!


Will Google become your personal travel or {insert keyword i.e insurance, financial etc} assistant? The rise of AI is certainly coming and this sounds like a logical step for Google to explore and I’m sure they are.


The question is what can businesses who this affects actually do about it?

You need to:

– own your customer relationship and the means of communication

– retain your customers and get them to come directly to your website at all costs

– offer experiences, information, perks, and customer satisfaction that get people to come directly to your website

– not be too heavily reliant on one traffic driving channel (unless you own it e.g. email)

At Loyalty Bay, this is a huge focus for us and our clients. We help businesses get traffic to come directly without having to pay large marketing costs and then help incentivise repeat business.

Imagine if we could incentivise your customers to come directly to your website and not via ads (e.g. via natural search, direct URL or email). This would save you a huge amount of money.

Well, we can. We can trigger our rewards and content light boxes to appear on any of the following parameters:

1) Marketing Channel e.g. show the light box to people coming only from Facebook

2) Basket Value e.g. show the light box to users whose basket value is above x

3) Abandoned Cart e.g. only show the light box to users who are abandoning their cart

4) Keyword e.g. show the light box to specific keywords: “flights to Rio”

5) UTM source e.g. Google organic


Using these tools and others we have developed, we can help limit the effects of the changes Google and others are making.

If you are in travel, price comparison, energy, insurance, broadband, telco, finance (credit cards, mortgages, loans, current accounts) it could be well worth your while to have a chat with us.


About the Author :

Founder, Director of Product and Marketing at Loyalty Bay. I’m tasked with creating global scalable products and building out the Product and Marketing teams, now that we are part of Perkbox.

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