The Best Abandoned Cart You Have Ever Seen!

These days people are very familiar with Exit Intent Technology and Abandoned Cart software. We see ppop-upsand lightboxes all over the place BUT what if we could make them fun and rewarding for the end recipient without breaking the bank?

Many websites offer rewards or discounts to those that abandon during the checkout. It can work really well, however you don’t want to become a victim of your own success! On some websites users will abandon the shopping cart and go and look for coupons, as they have been conditioned to do so.

We realised this was becoming a big problem and wanted to come up with a solution that works for both the website owner and the customer particpating in the online shopping experience.

This is what we came up with……

The Wheel Of Fortune


Now when someone goes to abandon their shopping basket or looks as if they are about to leave the website altogether, we can pop up the wheel of fortune.

We have noticed 3 very important things:

1) Users love it. It is new, fun and there is a chance to win something meaningful. It uses a plethora of behavioural psychology tricks that do work… just ask the casinos.

2) Website owners love it as it increases conversion and they can control what gets paid out and when, thus ensuring it is ALWAYS profitable i.e. pay out 1 in 10, 1 in 100, 1 in 1000 … you get the idea. The website owner can specify what is in the wheel e.g. it could be a discount, a product, some content or win an experience etc.

3) As a really nice unexpected side effect, we are seeing that users talk about it. They actually refer people to see it, thus you start acquiring new users for free.

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About the Author :

Founder, Director of Product and Marketing at Loyalty Bay. I’m tasked with creating global scalable products and building out the Product and Marketing teams, now that we are part of Perkbox.

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