This Post Could Save Your Life: Chair on Desk = Standing Desk

I’m going slightly off my normal topics today, but I felt morally obliged to share a life tip or a “life hack” with you…no don’t worry i’m not going to be writing a self help book…yet 😉

We have all seen posts around “sitting will kill you “. Simply google it and a plethora of posts will emerge:

Now you could start exercising, get a personal trainer and change your diet. All thoroughly good ideas…

Or you could spend a fortune on a stand up desk:

But no dear readers, I have a been told of a better solution and it won’t cost you a thing (assuming you have use of a chair and a desk). I present to you:

your chair on top of your desk = excellent standing desk!


p.s. Full disclaimer this is not medical advice. Don’t sit on your chair whilst on a desk etc etc.

About the Author :

Founder, Director of Product and Marketing at Loyalty Bay. I’m tasked with creating global scalable products and building out the Product and Marketing teams, now that we are part of Perkbox.

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