What if? Possibly the most important phrase organisations can utter.

All good innovations and advancements start with a “what if?”

What if we could fly? What if we could walk on the moon? What if we couldĀ have a repository for the worlds knowledge?

This one utterance has had a profound effect throughout history. “What if” is often followed by “why not”. “Why not” is important and needs to be considered, but it can so often easily drown out the “what ifs”, never to be heard again.

In our day job and with entrepreneurship, we hear a lot of “what ifs” and try to help solve for these moments, but so often a “why not” quickly rears its head and things just stop dead in their tracks.

What if we could solve x? X would lead to a dramatic increase in ROI

Why nots:

  • we don’t have the resource
  • we don’t have the time
  • we don’t have the budget
  • we don’t know who to speak to
  • it’s not in our remit
  • I have never done this before

I think one of the biggest challenges within any organisation large or small is how to work aroundĀ a “why not” in order to solve the “what if”.

As it’s the start of a new year I wanted to promote the “what ifs” to get people thinking about what they could do with a bit of creativity.

Some common “what ifs” that Loyalty Bay can help with:

What if we increased online conversion

What if we increased customer retention

What if we increased customer loyalty

What if we rewarded our employees

Author: William Roberts

Founder and CEO of Loyalty Bay

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