What is Exit Intent Technology & How Can It Reduce Cart Abandonment?

Exit intent technology or exit technology is like the silent ninja of conversion optimization and reducing abandoned carts.

You know when you move your mouse off the page towards the navigation bar and a “pop up” or “light box” appears with a message asking for your email address or offering you a discount/reward/free shipping – that is exit intent technology in action.


It is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. We have seen our clients reduce their abandoned cart rates by 48% and in many cases increase their online sales by over 100% when using it at the start of the conversion funnel.

If you don’t believe me check out 33 impartial statistics from the Baymard Institute on cart abandonment.


However like all tools it needs to be used sensibly and at the right time. In most cases you don’t want to reward every user for an action they were going to make anyway so what can you do:

1) Set up triggers and delays – a trigger could be tying your light box or pop up to appear based on a certain marketing channel, demographic or location e.g. Facebook, female, Austin. It could be to get it to appear at a particular point in the user journey i.e incentivise them at the sign up stage or convert an abandoned cart user into a sale. You can trigger time delays based on dwell time i.e if a user has been inactive on your web page for 60s show the light box or pop up (this is particularly useful for mobile devices).

2) Tie your light box or pop up to things like basket value – you may only want to trigger a light box or pop up based on basket value e.g. if a users basket is worth over $100 and they abandon their cart show them a reward worth 5% (the amounts and figures are entirely up to you ensuring it is always profitable).

3) A/B test your audience – seriously test whether or not exit intent technology works for your audience by running proper experiments. Test the different types of offer, incentive and amounts on your user base.

Make sure you always tie it into revenue generating activities and track how succesful your campaigns using exit intent technology are. Im willing to bet you can make vast improvements in a relatively small amount of time by looking at the above.

Furthermore if you would like any help on getting this set up and or trying out some tools that can do this for you, then please check out Loyalty Bay.

Author: William Roberts

Founder of Loyalty Bay

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