What Is Form Analytics And Why Is It Useful?

Possibly the most catchy title you have ever seen right? Buzzfeed are currently banging down the door for my headline skills ;-).


But in all seriousness it is an important topic for those in ecommerce and online lead generation. Nearly every website out there has some kind of form that they want filling in, whether it is for a sign up, a sale, lead generation, email capture or referral.

Yet 67% of people don’t complete forms. That my dear friends is a huge amount of revenue left on the table.

Form analytics allows you to track where people are dropping off in your form fills. You can start building up data as to what form fields cause the most problems and understand why. This can be taken to a whole other level though…

What if you could make your online forms intelligent?

Yep thats right, with one simple Javascript tag you can. We call it Form Brain.

It allows you to:

  • Have form Analytics for any form.
  • Layer on intelligence about who your customers are, all from an email address.
  • Understand which form fields cause the most drop offs and react accordingly.
  • Intelligently understand which traffic sources help your forms convert best.
  • Automatically try to convert form drop offs with messaging, content and incentives.
  • Know when a user completes the form, so you can automatically get in touch on things like renewal dates.
  • Serve up messaging, content and rewards to get people to complete the forms if they look like they will abandon i.e. abandoned cart for online forms.


We have seen that by applying analytics and some level of intelligence to your forms you can significantly increase your form conversion rates. If you are driving traffic, particularly paid traffic, to your website it makes sense for you to convert as much as you can.

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Author: William Roberts

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