Why is rewarding customers and employees so difficult?

We are probably all familiar with the following scenarios:

  1. you want to reward an employee for a job well done
  2. you want to treat a customer to something nice
  3. you want to thank someone for a referral they made
  4. you want to turn a negative experience a customer may have had into something more positive
  5. you want to incentivise someone to fill in a survey or provide feedback

What do you do?

First, you have to decide what you want to give, cash, points, gift cards, physical goods, something else?

Then you have to decide how you are going to give it, where to source it from, are there any tax implications, does the gift need to be shipped?  The list goes on…

Mmmm, who in the company has the authority to do this and how do you ensure it gets completed properly and by the book? We will surely need an audit trail.

What happens if you give someone something, but they don’t use it? That is wasted time and money right…nobody wants that and finance will be breathing down your neck!

Grrrrr what should be a straightforward task suddenly turns into some bureaucratic nightmare!

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Well fear not, help is at hand.

This is an itch that we at Loyalty Bay had to scratch and were in a position to do so.

Our goal was to eliminate all of the hassles listed above. Our chosen method of reward is digital gift cards.


Well they are extremely easy to distribute as they are electronic, depending on the provider they have the benefits of cash without many of the drawbacks, they are trackable i.e. you can tell if someone has redeemed them or not (eliminating breakage), there is a huge breadth of choice and at scale there are cost benefits.

We have built Rewards Hub which allows anyone to buy and send out digital gift cards in real-time.


Efficiency – don’t waste rewards – they’re only used up when people collect them, not when they are sent.

Flexibility – choose the brand, amount, and quantity of each reward you send.

Pay as you go – you’ll only ever pay for the rewards that your customers collect.

Personalisation – customise the message your customers see.

Delivery – all rewards get delivered instantly via email and can be sent anywhere in the world.

Defined user roles – which allows control of spending and who can send what.

Reporting and analytics – see what has been sent to whom. See which rewards are the most popular. See which rewards have been collected.

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Author: William Roberts

Founder of Loyalty Bay

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